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City Tour Cusco: An afternoon option that must be performed before or after you make your tour to Machu Picchu, because the contour and within our city of Cusco have archaeological sites that were once temples dedicated to their tutelary deities like the sun, moon, rivers, stars, mummies.

City Tour Cusco, Archeological Capital of America, rebelled us her incredible beauty and rich history on a walk through the streets, Inca temples and fortresses, in which the story follows a single direction from the Inca to the Spanish, exposing that is considered one jewels of America.

HIGHLIGHTS: Archaeological Complex Incas and Pre – Inca, museums, temples and colonial Andean landscapes.


Half day tour in Cusco.
It lasts approximately 4:40.
Pick up from hotel 1:00 p.m.
Tour ended at 6:30 p.m.
Location: Department of Cusco
Tourist attractions:
Archaeological and Historical Complex: Cathedral of Cusco, Mueso of Pre-Columbian Art (MAP), The Temple of Qoricancha, the fortress of Sacsayhuaman, Kenko, Pukapucara, Tambomachay

Natural complexes: Fauna and flora

Modalities tourism circuit: Historical Tourism
Service mode selected: Economic; Private / Pull (according to circuit modules); With / Without companion
Guia – Tour Conductor: Castilian, English, French, German and the availability and demand others.

Visit the highlights that are within the city of Cusco as well as 4 archaeological sites found in the mountains surrounding the city of Cusco.

Our beautiful Cathedral of Cusco will be our first stop, there will appreciate more than 300 paintings made in colonial times by the ancient Quechua that inhabited the city of Cusco, these paintings tell us many stories and religious miracles that happened in the city of Cusco and also they express the strength of Quechua man not to let them remove their divinities like their apus (mountains), the sun god, the moon, the stars, the rivers and they worshiped other gods, forced to destroy their temples then build this majestic cathedral.

We continue with a short walk of 7 minutes towards the QORICANCHA (Sun Temple) where we find Inca temple precincts as the moon, the rainbow temple, temple lightning etc … This was the first Inca temple built in honor of most important god of the Incas, the sun. Our tour continues with a visit to the archaeological complex of Sacsayhuaman located on the mountain of the same name to this place will drive us with our tour bus, the stories told in this place are amazing and simply find more rocks 20 tonnes finely carved and manipulated by the Andean man is a wonder .Then having spent about 25 minutes here we drive to the archaeological complex of Kenko.

Qenko whose real name is lost in time, as the Qenko name attached to it these days belongs to the colonial era, in this place we will find a huge rock and within this enclosure houses a ceremonial where the Incas sacrificed his tutelary deities. (Sun, Pacha Mama, rivers, mountains, snow etc ..)

After they were amazed at the scenery and our guide explanation given in Qenko continue our bus to the next place to visit, according to the chronicler PUKAPUKARA which was a control center for access to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in this place spend only about 15 minutes and then go to the last place of visit is the archaeological complex TAMBOMACHAY to reach this place we have to walk about 7 minutes TAMBOMACHAY was a ceremonial place created in homage to observe water where finely carved ceremonial sources rock by the Inca to show their respect to one of their deities water.

Our service ends with the visit of TAMBOMACHAY and then go on our bus to the Plaza de San Francisco, where the bus will stop at 18:30 approximately.

The Plaza de San Francisco is located two blocks from the main square of Cusco.


The tourist ticket
The income of the Cathedral of Cusco.
Revenues at QORICANCHA

S / 20.00


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