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The Weather on the Way to Salkantay Trek Machu Picchu

Saturday August 29th, 2015 en

The Weather on the Way to Salkantay Trek

The scenery and views on the span of 5 days that this trekking takes are truly amazing, as you can see a great diversity of micro weather patterns that you can be a part of, on the first and second day we will be between 4200 meters above sea level and 4600 meters, given this the vegetation will be scarce with the predominance of Ichu (a native plant of the Andes). Because of the altitude we will not find plants, and sometimes we will be at 0 degrees Celsius at some points and sometimes even less. The weather is cold or frigid. Given this, we recommend taking warm clothing. This is only for the first two days, for the second part of the second day we will be entering the cloudy forest and tropical forest between 1900 meters and 2400 meters above sea level. This means that day 3, 4, and 5 we will be surrounded by vast flora and fauna because the climate will be tropical semi hot.

Salkantay Horseman and Horses

Our team of 14 horsemen that are in charge of taking 5 kilos of your belongings, including your sleeping bag, aside from taking all of the equipment like tents, mats, utensils, tents and food that will be deliciously prepared for you along the span of the three first days of the trek.

These super men of the heights, as we call them, are well trained and prepared to take on these trekking journeys, and also us as a business we understand each other and appreciate their work and they are well treated and compensated for their services as well as making sure that the animals that they use such as the horse, the donkey or mule, are treated with the respect that they deserve because they are a part of our team as well.

They are an essential part as well because for a fee, they provide support to our clients along the route if one of them feels ill due to the altitude or has an issue, we put a horse and horseman at their disposal to help them arrive to the next campsite.

The Best Food on the Way to Salkantay

The first breakfast of the first day and the lunch and dinner of the fifth or last day are not included, but the rest of the meals and appetizers are included in the price of the tour. All of the products that are used to prepare your meals are fresh and are purchased in Cusco, and are taken along the route by our horsemen and horses, as well as our certified cooks that are people who studied meal preparation in different institutions in the city of Cusco.

The meals that are provided during the trek are served in tents and created specifically for the altitude. All meals provided during your first three days are created especially for you by our cooks. They make a great effort to give their best to satisfy you along the trek.

On the fourth day we have our dinner at a restaurant in the town of Aguas Calientes.

We also have a vegetarian option, which we ask you to specify at the time of your reservation.

For a better explanation of the food, we have a list of the options that we serve during our trek to Salkantay.

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, tortillas, cereals, salads, toast, orange juice, milk, tea, coffee, hot chocolate
  • Snack: Fruits, cookies, cereals, chocolate, candies
  • Lunch: Corn or mushroom soup, chicken and rice, sausages, fried fish, ceviche, meat, beans, fried rice, French fries, boiled potatoes, vegetables, salads
  • Happy Hour: Popcorn, fried wontons, tea, coffee
  • Dinner: Stuffed chicken, veggie tortillas, pizza, spaghetti, stir fried vegetables, salads

Altitude Sickness or Soroche

A common and normal issue caused by the altitude

One of the most asked questions that a person makes before visiting and arriving to Cusco is about the altitude and what changes it can make to one’s body. Here we will provide a list of precautions and why this happens as well as how to avoid altitude sickness.

Why does this happen?

The air in high altitude areas is scarce and given this the people that live near the sea suffer from hypoxia (lack of oxygen in your organism). The atmospheric pressure decreases with altitude, which affects the oxygen availability, due to the pulmonary glands are not able to transport the same amount of oxygen to the bloodstream as with an area with higher pressure. Even though we know that the cause is hypoxia, the exact mechanism why this happens is unknown.

What are the symptoms?

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Lack of appetite
  • Physical exhaustion
  • Low pressure
  • Nervousness
  • Changes in sleep patterns, that can be insomnia or sleepiness. There can also be episodes of sudden nocturnal dyspnea (waking up with a feeling of drowning) due to the respiration pattern named Cheyne-Stokes during sleep.
  • Faster heartbeat

How can I prevent altitude sickness on the trek?

Definitely, avoiding tobacco and alcohol. We also recommend the use of pharmaceuticals to prevent altitude sickness, as well as adapting progressively to time to acclimate. It is also very important to be hydrated at all times (drink at least four or five liters of water daily), and a diet rich in carbohydrates. We also recommend drinking coca tea that helps to acclimate and is 100% natural.


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